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Filippa, Urban Mystica, Photographer

“I’m way more romantic and feminine in my personal photography style. Always inspired by mysterious things.”

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When I’m at my everyday job, I’m very focused on combining inspiration with actual results, both as a photographer and social media manager. I always try to see things from an outside perspective. When I took the Powher pictures, I focused on doing something that I wanted myself without taking in anyone else’s opinion.

I started taking photos for my blog back in 2007. I was inspired by talented girls in my own age and felt like “I can do this too!” I found a way to express myself through photography. This was crucial for my personal development and the reason why I do what I do today.

I think I’ve always preferred communicating without words. That could possibly be one of the reasons I started taking photos in the first place. I always think before I speak, and I easily get stuck in my own head. Not always in a bad way, because I like it to be that way.
What makes a good picture? A picture that creates an emotion. I don’t believe there are any guidelines on how to take a good picture. If you follow too many rules, I believe the nerve can easily disappear. Technical knowledge is important and will make you develop as a photographer. But, still I don’t want to set to up too many rules. @filippasmeds

“I always return to photographing clouds! I can never get enough of clouds. And my fiancé.” Filippa is a Powher.

We love seeing all of you incredible people. Keep sharing your amazing selves with #sheispowher @powher_accessories


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