Brand Story

Powher is a statement accessory that elevates your personality. We believe accessorizing is a conscious way of indulging your love of fashion. Small input, big impact. Simply a smarter way of updating your wardrobe.

Throughout history, the use of accessories has been a clear sign of a woman’s status and privileges. A Powher accessory is all this flipped into a contemporary woman’s life- a reflection of her current needs and desires, her spirit and powers.

The Powher Collection is a designed and handpicked selection for the modern woman. All products and packaging are crafted with care and consciousness, created for reuse, recycling or composting.

The Powher Universe is our culture of female empowerment. This is where we give space to all our sisters to share their creativity and potential.
Our mission is to inspire to change, supporting all you incredible women to be and act more You.  

Small input, big impact.

All Powher pieces are true to the concept of one-size-fits-all as well as non-body-pierced design, because we don’t fit the mold, neither do you. We are committed to showcase the greatness of small input, big impact. A format that saves you and the environment valuable time and energy. Less pain, more pleasure.

The Powher People

Meet Sanja Jovansdotter Meerits, Creative Co-founder

Sanja means dream in the Serbian language, and daydreaming is what Sanja often does about Sarma, her favourite Serbian dish. However, born and raised at Långholmen, a small island in the heart of Stockholm, makes Sanja a true urbanista and hometown lover. ”I'm a creative visionary and strategist with an entrepreneurial spirit. That is what makes me feel so passionate about the creation of Powher”, Sanja says.

Sanja brings experience from working with a great diversity of people and teams within the fashion industry. Sanja is a style junkie and loves to accessorize with pearls and more pearls. And of course she’s growing her hair super long so she can fit as many Powher hair pieces as possible. Not surprisingly Sanja doesn’t take herself or the fashion industry too seriously and she firmly believes work should be fun and driven by passion.

Say hello to Linnéa Bach Gärde,
Creative Co-founder

Linnéa is the youngest daughter of an Asian-Swede couple that fell in love in Paris during the 70's hippie era. Raised under the influence of mixed cultures Linnéa has a faiblesse for everything that clash, for the beauty in all things unexpected. The creation of a Bassett's Liqourice-printed dress at the age of 6 was her designer debut. This kick-start was followed by years of key designer positions within fashion, accessories and interior brands.

”My passion for design comes from my fascination with human interaction and fashion as a powerful form of communication. So the creation of Powher and the idea of expressing yourself with accessories was just a natural step to take”, Linnéa explains. Above all, she is passionate about bringing different people and ideas together to find new creative ways. Oh, and she also loves the thrill of throwing herself downhill on a mountain bike with the wind blowing in her hair.

We love seeing all of you incredible people. Keep sharing your amazing selves with #sheispowher @powher_accessories


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