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Thinking small is the new big thing.

The simple yet so powerful ritual of adding accessories to elevate your outfit and attitude is what Powher is all about.

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Sanja, creative co-founder

“We love to see Powher as an inclusive and lovable brand, always presenting must-have designs and wallet friendly prices. Our very name embodies the culture of the brand; the collection and the content are manifestations of female empowerment.”

Linnéa, creative co-founder

“The act of wearing accessories has been a mirror of women's contemporary lives throughout history. That means every woman from royals to female icons to the girl next door have a relationship to the product- a concept that is truly Powher's never ending source of inspiration.”

We empower You to be and act more You.

Our mission is to inspire all of you to unleash your creativity and to fuel an ongoing conversation on female empowerment.
We are a brand created by women for women.

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